Jami T. Opyan, M.A., LMFT -
Highly Effective
Therapy and Counseling for Adults 
 Receive Support You Need to Feel Happier
and Create the Life You Love Living
Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stuck?
It's time to feel better.
You may be struggling with a difficult relationship, unfulfilling work or other stressful situations in your life. You want to feel happier and live a better quality of life, but don’t know how. It’s frustrating, I understand.
You deserve better. I want to help you feel less stressed, more peaceful and happier. I provide a safe space and effective support for you, so you can express your feelings and thoughts, release the limiting patterns and begin to cultivate new beliefs and habits to create what you really want in life.
Over the years I have provided highly effective therapy and counseling to many clients to get the results they desired. You don’t have to struggle alone. With consistent loving support, you can overcome your challenges and create your ideal life much faster. I would be honored to assist you one gentle step at a time.
Please feel free to call me at (818) 516-5354 or email me at jamiopyanmft@yahoo.com to make an appointment.
I look forward to serving you.
Love and Blessings,
Jami T. Opyan, M.A., LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist